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Enola is a tool which helps IT ⛑️ Sysadmins, Site Reliability Engineers (see Google’s SRE page), and other samideanaj adminopsions to document their systems and relationships to increase visibility (knowledge management) and investigate the root causes of complex production issues (troubleshoot) to operate them reliably with efficiency.

Enola has a model of an organization’s IT landscape, offering a “single pane of glass” (SPOG) view of it. This mimics the “picture in the head” that knowledgeable senior engineers typically have of systems, their relations, failure modes, etc. All too often these are incompletely fully captured by existing mechanisms. Teams often do have e.g. related documents, Playbooks, various ad-hoc scripts etc. This tool can bring them all together, fully integrated. An organization can do this incrementally over time, improving with each incident (until 🔮). It complements related existing tools.

We call this “Infrastructure as Linked Data” graphs.

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PS: The name “Enola” was originally inspired by the project’s creator having watched the Enola Holmes 🕵🏾‍♀️ detective movie with his daughter, and this is an SRE detective’s tool!