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Linked Data

Now check out the greeting2.ttl:

@prefix : <>.

  :message "hello";
  :object :world.

  :wikipedia <>.

Let’s generate documentation:

$ ./enola docgen --load "file:docs/models/" --output=file:///tmp/models/ --no-index now contains:


* [`ex:message`]( hello
* [`ex:object`]( [`ex:world`](
* [🏺 `enola:origin` Origin](../ [greeting2.ttl](greeting2.ttl)

There are a couple of things worth noting here:

  1. We’ve introduced the @prefix shortcut, just to avoid repeating
  2. Instead of a hello, world string, we’re now greeting an Object, the - this is what Linked Data is all about!
  3. That world object contains yet another link, but this one is different… can you tell how & why, by clicking on world in the rendered Markdown below?