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Hello World

Enola captures knowledge about Things, and the relationships (links) between them.

Things can be represented in a variety of Formats. In this tutorial, we’ll use the RDF 🐢 Turtle format.

Let’s start with this greeting1.ttl:

  <> "hello, world".

This means that identifies some Thing which has a message that is “hello, world”. Pretty simple, right?

Among other things, Enola can generate documentation about Things, like this:

$ ./enola docgen --load "file:docs/models/" --output=file:///tmp/models/ --no-index now contains:


* [`ex:message`]( hello, world
* [🏺 `enola:origin` Origin](../ [greeting1.ttl](greeting1.ttl)

Note how the greeting, in addition to our message from above, automagically got another property named origin - click on it to learn what it’s for! Here is how this Markdown renders: