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Singularity 🔮

The 🔮 Singularity, for an Org using Enola, is reached when this tool is no longer used to support 🕵🏾‍♀️ humans, but (only) continuously runs to detect problems and automagically mitigates and fully resolves them - without any human intervention at all.

This is a lofty goal which may or may not ever be fully achieved in any given setup.

An interesting idea is the application of Machine Learning (ML) to this problem domain. Enola’s initial focus is not yet on this space, but we anticipate that its data model could eventually serve as an interesting foundation enabling further exploration of an automagic ML angle.

There are various intermediate stages towards achieving full Singularity, including:

  1. Partially supporting humans with root causing
  2. Fully automated root causing
  3. Documented mitigation & resolution steps
  4. Assisted mitigation & resolution
  5. Fully automated mitigation & resolution