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Markdown Model Documentation Generation v0.1 (2023-03-26)


I’ve made good progress over this weekend, with 13 commits in 75 changed files with 2,782 additions and 373 deletions since the last update.

Enola finally has an initial CLI (with the great!) which actually does something useful, for the first time, so this could be v0.0.1? ;-)

./enola --model=file:///home/vorburger/git/ docgen

This will generate this Model Documentation in Markdown from this input in textproto format.

The Core model (and metamodel) have been further refined, again. The biggest change are probably several big simplifications of ID:

  1. I merged the href and the links, because http: links for human are really just another kind of link
  2. I ditched my original oneof text / parts idea, because that might have a been a dumb API idea after all? 😼
  3. I ditched the map<string, string> query, as the keys are already in EntityKind, and it can just be order-based. (The only drawback of this is that we cannot have an Entity be identified e.g. either by name or by uuid, or whatever, but that may not actually be an issue IRL.)
  4. ~~I ditched “composed keys” and, for now, just use a single element. This could be revisited, if a real need for permitting this ever arose.~~ Yeah so no – that was kept! 🧑‍⚕️

I’ve also had some fun with:

  1. starting a ProtoBuf validation framework (incomplete, more to come)
  2. adding more adding additional Resource implementations (for URIs like empty: and null: or error: and string: and memory:).