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Code Style

This project automatically formats and checks (“lints”) the style of its source code and configuration files, using:

There are hooks for each of these tools configured in .pre-commit-config.yaml.

Run the ./test.bash script during local development to reformat changed files and re-run all tests affected by a change.

.git/hooks/pre-commit will also run the ./test.bash locally for each of your git commit after you locally install it using tools/git/install-hooks.bash.

Contributions by Pull Requests on GitHub are tested with the same ./test.bash which is launched by this GitHub Action.

In-IDE, the plugins listed on our IDE page can be used.

  1. DavidAnson/Markdownlint is not to be confused with markdownlint/markdownlint which was originally the inspiration for DavidAnson/Markdownlint but is now an unrelated separate project now has slightly different configuration.