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Enola 🕵🏾‍♀️ Core is a library of generic concepts of Enola’s problem space.

It is independent of “domains” such as Network, Linux, Kubernetes, Web, etc.

End-users use Enola through different “editions”. Organization can build their own internal editions of Enola, to interface with their proprietary in-house systems.

This Core’s functionality which is implemented and exposed through different Tools.

Enola at its core can be viewed as a Knowledge Management tool to describe an Ontology. It models real world concepts as what it terms Entities, identified by URI, and models their references both across its Entities, and to arbitrary non-Enola URIs. (This notably includes traditional URLs like HTTP links, which models can use to create hyperlinks to UIs of applications managing Entities.)


Enola currently has built-in interchangeable support for RDF 🐢 Turtle, JSON, YAML, and Text proto & Binary Protocol Buffers wire formats for Things. It is conceptually open to supporting other formats in the future; likely RDF4j’s Binary Format, maybe also e.g. CBOR (perhaps RDF CBOR?), or something like Amazon Ion or others.


Enola currently uses Proto 3 as its Schema language. It is conceptually open to supporting other kinds of schemas in the future; perhaps e.g. JSON Schema, or Cap’n Proto, or TypeScript (à la Typson), or XML Schema (XSD), or YANG or FHIR or Varlink or Web IDL or ASN.1 or GNU poke.