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Are you bored with greeting1, greeting2 & greeting3 by now? 😼 Fear not - Enola has a way to define ALL Greetings! 😸 To learn how, check out greetingN.ttl:

@prefix :       <>.
@prefix rdfs:   <>.
@prefix enola:  <>.

:greeting a rdfs:Class;
  enola:iriTemplate "{NUMBER}";
  enola:example     <>;
  :yo               "{NUMBER}"^^enola:IRITemplate.

This means:

  1. All{NUMBER}, such as as well as (and any other) ARE a Greeting. (See also the iriTemplate property documentation.)

  2. The yo property says that all Greetings (not just the above class!) have a link - but it depends on the NUMBER from the IRI; e.g. has a yo link to but to

  3. is one an example of such a Greeting.

Check it out by generating documentation:

$ ./enola docgen --load "file:docs/models/" --output=file:///tmp/models/ --no-index

Now click on the example link (42)… can you tell what happened?! 😻

PS: In Technical Infrastructure Models, Things like a Machine, or perhaps more ephemeral concepts such Kubernetes Pod might be good candidates for such “templated Things”.