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Web & gRPC Server


$ ./enola server --model file:docs/use/library/model.yaml --httpPort=8080
HTTP JSON REST API + HTML UI server started; open http://0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:8080/ui ...

You can now open e.g. http://localhost:8080/ui/ to view this Entity. When you click on the Related kind you will see its demo.book_kind, where you can click e.g. on its google Link.


There is also a REST API which returns JSON if you replace ui with api in the URL, so e.g. on http://localhost:8080/api/entity/


The --grpcPort flag starts the Enola gRPC API.

This can be used by the Enola CLI Client’s --server flag, instead of passing a --model file, like so:

$ ./enola server --model file:docs/use/library/model.yaml --grpcPort=7070
gRPC API server now available on port 9090

$ ./enola get --server localhost:7070

which will output:

  ns: demo
  entity: book
  paths: [ABC, 0-13-140731-7, '1']
ts: 2023-12-02T20:51:44.134467Z
    ns: demo
    entity: library
    paths: [ABC]
    ns: demo
    entity: book_kind
    paths: [0-13-140731-7]

This is the same as a direct “in-process” Get Entity would have:

./enola get --model file:docs/use/library/model.yaml